What percentage of tinnitus is permanent?

Most new cases of tinnitus will resolve within 6 to 12 months of onset. If tinnitus lasts longer, you'll likely hear it less over time, even if it persists beyond this period. In general, you'll get so used to the sound that you'll be able to live with tinnitus, especially thanks to improved treatments for tinnitus. We have had the privilege of working with Professor David Baguley, president of the British Tinnitus Association.

If you've been exposed to loud noises and tinnitus goes away quickly, it's usually not something that needs to be diagnosed. If you think you have hearing loss (which is often associated with tinnitus), you should have a hearing check. The goal for anyone with tinnitus is to remember that tinnitus can fluctuate due to a variety of factors and the goal is to achieve more days when tinnitus is not noticeable or barely present. Keep in mind that even if you experience permanent tinnitus, there are coping mechanisms that can be considered.

Finally, if tinnitus is accompanied by ear symptoms, it may be advisable to see an otologist or general practitioner. Sometimes, you may experience tinnitus as a result of brief exposure to loud noises and it will improve after a few days. That's why you see tinnitus more often after, for example, going to a concert, eating at a noisy restaurant, or sitting next to a deafening jet engine while you're traveling. The tinnitus specialists at Medical Audiology have years of experience and specialized training in diagnosing and treating tinnitus and other sound tolerance issues.

Tinnitus may be due to an undiagnosed growth or obstruction in the ear. In addition, meditation and behavior therapy often prove to be powerful techniques for reducing the stress and emotional effects of tinnitus. Although no method has been scientifically proven to cure tinnitus, there are several treatment options that are effective in masking, distracting, and teaching the brain to ignore sound. You realize that the sound is tinnitus, but you start to wonder how permanent tinnitus tends to be.

If the cause is temporary, such as an ear infection or a loud noise, tinnitus is most likely temporary as well. Tinnitus is perceived or reported essentially by everyone at some point in their lives and tends to be transient rather than annoying.

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